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1. If a parallelogram with area P, a rectangle with area R and a triangle with area T are all constructed on the same base and all have the same altitude, then a false statement is

(a) P = 2T

(b) T = 1/2R

(c) P = R

(d) P + T = 2R

2. A shopkeeper allows a discount of 10% on his goods. For each payment, he further allows a discount of 20%. Find a single discount equivalent to the aobe offer.

(a) 30%

(b) 18%

(c) 28%

(d) 15%

3. Anil spends Rs. 3620 for buying pants at the rate of Rs 480 each and shirts at the rate of Rs. 130 each. What will be the ratio of pants to shirts when maximum number of pants are to be bought.

(a) 7 : 2          (b) 7 : 3            (c) 2 : 7        (d) none of these

4. the average weight of 45 students in a class is 52 kg. 5 of them whose average weight is 48 kg. leave the class and other 5 students whose average weight is 54 kg join the class. What is the new average weight (in kg) of the class?

mat quantitative aptitude 1

5. A sum of money becomes eight time in 3 years if the rate is compounded annually. In how much time the same amount at the same compound interest rate will become sixteen times?

(a) 6 years        (b) 4 years         (c) 8 years           (d) 5 years

6. A batsman makes a core of 98 runs in the 19th innings and thus increases his average by 4. What is his average after 19th innings.

(a) 22          (b) 24              (c) 28               (d) 26

7. Terry is twice as good workman as Sumit. Terry finished a piece of work in 3 hours less than Sumit. In how many hours could they have finished that piece of work working together?

mat quantitative aptitude 2

8. A loss of 19% gets converted into a profit of 17%. When the selling price is increased by Rs. 162 Find the cost price of the article

(a) Rs 450           (b) Rs 600                 (c) Rs 360       (d) Rs 540

9. Two-thirds of one seventh of a number is 8705% of 240 What is the number?

(a) 2670           (b) 2450                 (c) 2205             (d) 1470

10. The digit at units place of a two digit number is increased by 100% and ten’s digit of the same number is increased by 50% The new number thus formed is 9 more than the original number. What is the original number?

(a) 22              (b) 63             (c) 44             (d) none of these

11. A piece of cloth costs Rs 35000.00. If the piece were 4m longer and each metre costs Rs. 100 less, the cost would remain unchanged. How long is the piece?

(a) 14m           (b) 10m                  (c) 12m             (d) 9m

12. A number of points are marked on a plane and are connected pair wise by a line segment. If the total number of line segments is 10 how many points are marked on the plane?

(a) 4                (b) 10                    (c) 5               (d) 9

13. Find 13 + 23 + 33 + 43+ ……… 153

(a) 11025           (b) 13400         (c) 900           (d) 14400

14. Two cars start together in the same direction from the same place. The first goes with a uniform speed of 10km/h. The second goes at a speed of 8km/h. in the first hour and increases the speed by ½ km each succeeding hour. After how many hours will the second car overtake the first if both cars go non-stop?

(a) 9 hours         (b) 5 hours          (c) 7 hours        (d) 8 hours

15. There are 6 parallel vertical lines and 7 parallel horizontal lines. These two groups of parallel lines intersect each other. How many parallelograms will be formed?

(a) 294              (b) 42               (c) 315           (d) none of these

16. The age of a man is 3 times that of his son. 15years ago the man was 9 times as old as his son. What will be the age of the man after 15years?

(a) 45 years          (b) 60 years             (c) 75 years         (d) 65 years

17. In a group of buffaloes and ducks number of legs are 24 more than twice the number of heads. What is the number of buffaloes in the group?

(a) 6               (b) 12             (c) 8                 (d) none of these

18. When a commission 36% is given on the retail price, profit is 8.8%. Find the profit percent when the commission is decreased by 24%

(a) 76%           (b) 54%         (c) 58%             (d) 49.6%

19. In climbing a 21m long round pole a monkey climb 6m in the first minute and slips 3m in the next minute. What time (in minutes) the monkey would take to reach the top of the pole?

mat quantitative aptitude 3

20. The difference between a two digit number and the number obtained by interchanging the digits is 36. What is the difference between the sum and the difference of the digits of the number. If the ratio between the digit of the number is 1:2?

(a) 15               (b) 4                (c) 8                   (d) none of these

21. A cylindrical tub of radius 12cm contains water to a depth of 20cm. A spherical iron ball is dropped into the tub and thus the level of water is raised by 675cm. What is the radius of the ball?

(a) 6cm            (b) 9cm            (c) 8cm             (d) none of these

22. a motor boat, whose speed is 15km/hour in still water, goes 30km down stram and comes back in a total of 4 hours and 30 minutes. Determine the speed of the stream.

(a) 10km/h       (b) 4km/h           (c) 5km/h           (d) 6km/h

23. If the base of a triangle is doubled and its height is halved. The ratio between the area of original triangle and the new triangle will be

(a) 1 : 1          (b) 2 : 3               (c) 3 : 2            (d) 1 : 3

24. A ladder reaches a window which is 12m above the ground on one side of the street keeping its foot at the same point, the ladder is turned to the other side of the street to reach a window 9m high. Find the width of the street. If the length of the ladder is 15m.

(a) 21m          (b) 12m           (c) 9m         (d) none of these

25. The angles of elevation of the top of a tower from two points P and Q at distances of x and y respectively from the base and in the same straight line with it are complementary. Find the height of the tower?

mat quantitative aptitude 4

26. A plane left 30 minutes later than the scheduled time, and in order to reach its destination 1500km away in time it has to increase its speed by 250km/h from the usual speed of

(a) 1000 km/h         (b) 750km/h         (c) 850km/h         (d) 650km/h

27. A toy is in the form of cone mounted on a hemisphere of radius 3.5cm. The total height of the toy is 15.5 cm. Find the total surface (use π = 22/7)

(a) 137.5 cm2       (b) 214.5 cm2        (c) 154 cm2          (d) 291.5 cm2

28. Harry ordered 4 pairs of white socks and some additional pairs of blue socks. The price of white socks per pair was twice that of the blue socks. When the order was filled, it was found that the number of pairs of the two colours had been interchanged. This increased the bill by 50%. Find the ratio of the number of pairs of blue socks in the original order placed by Harry.

(a) 1 : 4          (b) 4 : 1           (c) 1 : 5          (d) 5 : 1

29. Pipes a and B can fill a tank in 5 and 6 hours respectively. Pipe C can empty it in 12 ours. The tank is half full. All the three pipes are in operation, simultaneously. After how much time the tank be full?

(a) 32/17 hours        (b) 11 hours        (c) 28/11 hours        (d) 30/17 hours

30. In a certain party, there was a bowl of rice for every two guests, a bowl of broth for three of them and a bowl of meat for every four of them. If in all, there were 65 bowls of food, then how many guests were in the party?

(a) 65               (b) 24            (c) 60          (d) 48

31. The number of numbers between 1000 and 10000 that contain the digits 1, 3, 5 and 7 is

(a) 16             (b) 24           (c) 60             (d) none of these

32. From among 36 teachers in a school one principal and one vice principal are to be appointed, In how many ways can this be done?

(a) 1260          (b) 1250        (c) 1240        (d) 1800

33. A boy has 3 library tickets and 8 books of his interest in the library. Of these 8, he does not want to borrow chemistry part II, unless chemistry part I is also borrowed. In how many ways can he choose the three books to be borrowed?

(a) 56          (b) 27             (c) 26             (d) 41

34. In the following number series there is a wrong number : 56, 72, 90, 108, ……

(a) 72         (b) 90              (c) 108          (d) none of these

35. What should come in the place of the question mark in the following series: 0, 1, 4, ?, 64, 325

(a) 15         (b) 12             (c) 36            (d) 32

36. The average weight of 20 students in a class is increased by 0.75kg. When one of the students weighing 30kg is replaced by a new student. Weight of the new student (in kg) is

(a) 35            (b) 40           (c) 45          (d) 50

37. By adding the same constant to each of 31, 7, -1 a geometric progression results. The covetous ratio is

(a) 3         (b) 1/3          (c) -2                (d) -4

38. If 16 men or 20 women can do a piece of work in 25days, in what time will 28 men and 15 women do it?

mat quantitative aptitude 5

39. (1 – 2 ( 1 -2 ) -1)-1 equals

(a) 1/3         (b) – 1/3            (c) – 1          (d) ½

40. The volumes of two spheres are in the ratio of 8:27. the ratio of their surface area is

(a) 4 : 9        (b) 2 : 3            (c) 4 : 5          (d) 5 : 6

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