Class 8 English Honeydew

The Great Stone Face

NCERT Solution

Part 1

Question 1: What was the Great Stone Face?

Answer: There was a hill near the village. Seen from a distance it resembled a human face. People believed that the Great Stone Face used to bless the village with fertile land and overall happiness.

Question 2: What did young Ernest wish when he gazed at it?

Answer: Young Ernest wished the old story to come true. As per the gospel a person was supposed to be born with likeness of the Great Stone Face. He was supposed to do good for the village.

Question 3: What was the story attributed to the Stone Face?

Answer: There was an old prophecy which said that a child would be born somewhere nearby and would become the noblest person. Its face would resemble that of the Great Stone Face.

Question 4: What gave the people of the valley the idea that the prophecy was about to come true for the first time?

Answer: A person named Gathergold left the village at younger age. With great business acumen he became filthily rich. He was returning to the village to spend his twilight years. People believed that he must be the incarnation of the Great Stone Face. People may have been expecting Gathergold to part with his riches for villager's benefit that is why villagers eagerly waited for his arrival.

Question 5: Did Ernest see in Gathergold the likeness of the Stone Face?

Answer: Ernest could see a shrewd old man in Gathergold. There was no resemblance with the Great Stone Face.

Question 6: Who did he confide in and how was he proved right?

Answer: Ernest confided in the Great Stone Face as usual. When Gathergold's gold withered away, people lost interest in him. People started doubting his resemblance to the Great Stone Face. Thus Ernest was proved right.

Question 7: What made people believe General Blood-and-Thunder was their man?

Answer: General Blood-and-Thunder was a heroic soldier. He fought and won many battles. Stories of his bravery made people think him to be the incarnation of the Great Stone Face.

Question 8: Ernest compared the man's face with the Stone Face. What did he conclude?

Answer: Ernest was not convinced with the General's face as well. He was still waiting for the prophecy to come true.

The Great Stone Face-II

Question 1: How was Ernest different from others in the valley?

Answer: Ernest was hardworking and gentle. He was above all worldly desires. Apart from his routine life he tried to learn from his experiences. His mind was full of wise thoughts which made him famous all around. Despite all this no trace of grandeur ever touched him. He was a humble and approachable man.

Question 2: Why did Ernest think the poet was like the Stone Face?

Answer: The poet was a master of his craft. He wrote soul stirring poems and was famous. Ernest was moved after reading his poem. So, he thought the poet to be like the Great Stone Face.

Question 3: What did the poet himself say about his thoughts and poems?

Answer: The poet seems to be very honest. He must have done lot of introspection as well. He said that his thoughts did not match with his actions. He believed that whatever he said in his poems he never followed in real life. So, he doesn’t think himself worthy of the honour given by Ernest.

Question 4: What made the poet proclaim Ernest was the Stone Face?

Answer: Ernest's overall personality and his humility is a rare quality. Very few people are bestowed with such qualities. This touched the poet’s heart. During evening the mist around the Great Stone Face gave the poet an opportunity to find resemblance in Ernest’s face with the Stone Face. This was an opportune time to give Ernest the due recognition and respect.