Class 8 Science

Conservation of Plants & Animals

NCERT Solution

Part 1

Fill in the blanks:

  1. A place where animals are protected in their natural habitat is called ……………
  2. Species found only in a particular area is known as ……………..
  3. Migratory birds fly to faraway places because of changes…………………

Answer: (1) Protected Area, (2) Endemic species, (3) in climate

Discuss the effects of deforestation on the following:

(a) Wild animals

Answer: Wild animals lose their natural habitat and have to suffer from shortage of food.

(b) Environment

Answer: Environment undergoes degradation as a result of deforestation.

(c) Villages (Rural areas)

Answer: People in rural areas don't get forest produce which are integral to their life. Deforestation can cause flood or drought which can play havoc with farm productivity.

(d) Cities (Urban areas)

Answer: People in urban areas may not get many products for which raw materials come from forests. Reduction in farm output results in price rise of food items.

(e) Earth

Answer: Earth suffers from environmental damage and global warming.

(f) The next generation

Answer: The next generation may not get many important natural resources. It may not get to see the beauty of many wild animals.

What will happen if:

(a) We go on cutting trees.

Answer: Mindless cutting of trees will result in deforestation. This will result in various kinds of damage to the environment. It will result in global warming, increased cases of floods and droughts. It will also result in many wild animals getting wiped off the earth.

(b) The habitat of an animal is disturbed.

Answer: Wild animals will suffer from shortage of habitat and food. Many wild animals would enter human settlements in search of food. Instances of clash between humans and wild animals will be on rise.

(c) The top layer of soil is exposed.

Answer: Soil will become deficient in humus and important nutrients. In the long run, the soil will become infertile. The whole area would become a desert in due course of time.

Differentiate between the following:

(a) Wildlife sanctuary and biosphere reserve

Answer: A wildlife sanctuary is an area where wild animals are protected from human interference. A wildlife sanctuary is a part of a biosphere reserve. A biosphere reserve encompasses a larger area and is also aimed at facilitating smooth life for people living in or around that area.

(b) Zoo and wildlife sanctuary

Answer: A zoo is an artificial enclosure where wild animals are kept, whereas a wildlife sanctuary is a natural area where wild animals are given protection.

(c) Endangered and extinct species

Answer: Endangered species still exist on the earth but are at risk of getting extinct. Extinct species no longer exist on the earth.

(d) Flora and fauna

Answer: Plants comprise the flora while animals comprise the fauna of a given area.