Quantitative Aptitude

Sample Paper 1 Answer

  1. A trader calculates his profit on the selling price and says it to be 20%. Find the actual profit. (25%)
  2. A trader sold a television set for Rs. 27,500 and gained 10%. Find the cost price of the television. (25000)
  3. A shopkeeper claims to sell rice at the cost price but he weighs only 1200 grams for every 1350 grams. What is the profit percentage of the trader? (12.5%)
  4. The selling price of 40 articles is equal to the cost price of 45 articles. What is the profit or loss percentage? (12.5% profit)
  5. The ratio of two numbers is 3:4. If 12 is added to each of the two numbers, the ratio becomes 5:6. What is the sum of the two numbers? (42)
  6. If a:b = 1:2, b:c = 6:5 and c:d = 2:3, find a:d. (2: 5)
  7. The ratio of two positive integers is 7:5. Their difference is 12. What is the sum of the numbers? (48)
  8. If Arun’s monthly salary is 25% more than the monthly salary of Bhupathi, then by what percentage is the monthly salary of Bhupati less than that of Arun? (20%)
  9. 20 kg rice of price Rs. 15 per kg is mixed with 30 kg rice of prices Rs. 12 per kg. What is the average price of the mixture? (13.20)
  10. The average amount with a group of nine members is Rs. 45. Another six members joined the group with each having Rs. 40. What is the average amount with the members in the group now? (43)

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