Quantitative Aptitude

Sample Paper 5 Answer

  1. The average age of all the girls in a class of 42 students is 13 years. The average age of all the boys as well as the average age of 23 of the boys of the same class is 16 years. Which of the following could be the average age of all the students in the class? (14.5)
  2. The price of 35 pens, 28 erasers and 14 books is Rs. 336, whereas the price of 15 pens, 12 erasers and 10 books is Rs. 184. Find the total cost of 20 pens, 16 erasers and 1 book. (122)
  3. A boy is trying to cover a distance of 100 m up a ramp. He takes a jump forward and covers 2 m, but every time he jumps forward he also slips backwards by 1 m. In all, how many jumps would be required to cover the distance? (99)
  4. Three runners X, Y and Z run at uniform speeds. X beats Y by 12 meter and beats Z by 24 meter. Y beats Z by 15 meter. Find the length of the race. (60)
  5. There are two clocks, which are set to correct time on Sunday at 12:00 noon. The first clock gains 2.5 minutes every hour while the second clock loses 1.5 minutes every hour. When will they be 2 hours apart? ( Monday 6:00 pm)
  6. In a game of cricket the highest score is 3/11 of total score. The second highest score is 3/11 of rest of the score. If difference between the highest score and the second highest score is 9, then what is the total score? (121)
  7. Some toffees were distributed among a group of children in a way that each child got 7 toffees and 14 toffees remained extra. Had there been two more children in the group then all the toffees could be distributed. Find the total number of children. (70)
  8. A precious stone of 25 carat was broken into two parts. When each piece was kept on two pans of a balance, a weight of 9 carat was put to equalize the balance. What is the product of weight of both pieces? (136)
  9. In a meeting, each person shakes hand with all other persons. If the total number of handshakes is 66 then how many people were in the meeting? (12)
  10. Some people and equal number of horses were going somewhere. Half of people were riding on horses, while remaining half of people were walking. If total number of legs on ground is 70 then what is the total number of horses? (14)

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