Quantitative Aptitude

Sample Paper 6 Answer

  1. The ratio of two numbers is 3:7 and their HCF is 6. What is the sum of the numbers? (60)
  2. What is the least number which needs to be subtracted from 11, 15, 21 and 30 so that the resultant numbers will be in proportion? (3)
  3. A shopkeeper claims to sell chickpeas at the cost price. But he weighs only 800 grams for every 1 kg. What is the profit percentage of the trader? (25%)
  4. The selling price of 20 bananas is equal to the cost price of 25 bananas. Find the percentage profit or loss. (25% profit)
  5. The cost of 100 pens and 60 pencils is Rs. 540 and the cost of 60 pens and 100 pencils is Rs. 420. What is the cost of one pen and one pencil? (6)
  6. If A gives Rs. 50 to B then B will have double the amount with A. If B gives Rs. 20 then A will have triple the amount with B. How much money is with A? (Rs. 106)
  7. Some candies had to be equally distributed among 175 children. But due to absence of 35 children, each child got 4 extra candies. What is the total number of candies? (2800)
  8. Soldiers of a platoon were asked to stand in rows. If one extra soldier is asked to stand in each row then number of rows will be less by 2. If each row will have one less soldier then number of rows will be more by 3. What is the total number of soldiers? (60)
  9. 26 trees are planted along one side of a 225 m road. Trees are planted at the start and end of the road too. What is the distance between two subsequent trees? (10 m)
  10. There are 10 columns and 12 rows of children in a playground. Distance between two subsequent children is 2 m, and 1 m gap is left all around from the playground. What is the length of the playground? (24 )

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