Quantitative Aptitude

Sample Paper 7 Answer

  1. Fresh raisins contain 90% water by weight, while dry raisins contain 20% water by weight. Jack buys 64 kg of fresh raisins for $ 160. If he wants to earn 20% profit then what should be the price of one kg dry raisins? (30)
  2. A and B do a particular work in 24/5 days. B and C do the same work in 48/7 days. A and C do the same work in 16/3 days. In how many days A, B and C will complete the work alone? (8, 12, 16)
  3. Each interior angle of a regular polygon measures 157.5° This polygon has how many sides? (16)
  4. Find the largest number which divides 238, 358 and 418 leaving the same remainder in each case. (90)
  5. Height of a building is projected as 10 m more if angle of elevation increases from 45° to 60°. What is the height if angle of elevation is 60° (10/√3 – 1)
  6. If 30 soldiers are asked to stand in a row then total number of rows is 16. Find the number of rows if 24 soldiers are asked to stand in each row. (20)
  7. When a ball falls from a certain height it bounces back to ¾ of the height. If a ball is dropped from a height of 32 m then how high will it bounce back after third fall? (13.5 m)
  8. A student was asked to write 25.92, but he wrote 2592 instead. What is the difference between these numbers? (0)
  9. A person has Rs. 1575 in the form of Rs. 5, Rs. 10 and Rs. 20 denominations. Number of notes of each denomination is same. How many currency notes does the person have? (135)
  10. Some friends planned a party in which the estimated expense would be Rs. 5000. When 5 of them did not turn up, per head cost went up by Rs. 50. How many friends eventually attended the party? (20)

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