Diwali: Festival of Light

By Ajay Anand

Festival Of Light

Diwali symbolizes victory of light over darkness
Diwali symbolizes victory of good over evil.
Diwali symbolizes victory of knowledge over ignorance.


Dhanteras marks the first day of this festival.
Dhanteras is associated with Dhanvantari, the god of medicine.
Dhanteras is also associated with dhana (wealth).
People buy gold or silver coins and new utensils on this day.

Naraka Chaturdasi

This day is associated with the hell or naraka.

A Yama Deepak is offered to show respect to Yama, the god of death.


This day marks the main festivity.
People decorate homes with colorful lights and burst firecrackers.
People worship Lakshmi and Ganesha on this day.

Govardhan Puja

This is the fourth day of the festival.
People worship Govardhana (Lord Krishna) as he saved people and their cattle by lifting the Govardhana Mountain.

Bhai Dooj

This is the fifth and the last day of the festival.
On this day, sisters tie bands (made of cotton) on the hand of their brothers, and apply tilak.
Yamuna tied thread of protection on her brother Yama’s hand on this day.

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