Harmful Microbes

By Ajay Anand

Harmful Microorganisms

Communicable Disease: A disease which can spread from one person to another.

Infectious Disease: A disease which is caused by an attack from microbes.

Pathogen: A microbe which causes disease is called a pathogen.

Pathogens and Diseases

Dengue virusDengue
Common cold virusCommon cold
Many bacteriaCholera, diarrhoea
Hepatitis B virusHepatitis B
Bacillus anthracisAnthrax (in animals)

Preventing Malaria

Malaria and dengue spread through mosquitoes.

So, breeding of mosquito should be prevented.

Don’t allow water to stagnate in surroundings because mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water.

Use mosquito repellant creams and mosquito nets to prevent mosquito bite.

Food Poisoning

Some bacteria produce a toxic substance in food.

Consuming a food item with toxic substance can result in food poisoning.

Food poisoning is a serious case and needs immediate hospitalization.

Lack of timely care in case of food poisoning may prove fatal.

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