Class 5 English

Class Discussion

Exercise Questions

Let’s Read and Do

Find one story of bravery about a child. You can search for the story by talking to older people or watching a TV programme or from a film.

Write down the story. Also mention the source.

Answer: Story of Karanbeer Singh

This is a story from Attari village. The incident happened on 20 September 2016. Karanbeer was going with his friends by a school bus. When the bus was crossing bridge it fell into a drain. There were 25 children inside the bus.

Water started to fill inside the bus. It was getting difficult to breathe. Karanbeer was only 16 years old. He mustered courage and came out of the bus. After taking some breath, he went inside the bus. Water level was too much for comfort. Karanbeer fought all odds and was able to save 15 children.

Write a Notice

A notice tells who, when where and what.

The girls and boys of Class V wrote notices for the bulletin board.

Question 1: Read Sheela’s notice. Discuss the questions that follow


The Drama Committee will meet in the classroom on Monday, at two o’clock. We’ll plan a play for our Annual Day.

Will each one of you please bring a play.

(a) Who was to meet?

Answer: Drama Committee

(b) When were they to meet?

Answer: On Monday at 2 o’clock

(c) Where were they to meet?

Answer: In the classroom

(d) What were they to do?

Answer: They had to plan a play for the Annual Day

Question 2: Write a notice about a library committee or a football match.

Answer: The Library Committee has decided to begin lending more than two story books to each student. The new lending scheme will begin from 1st August. Each student will be allowed to keep the book for one week.