Class 5 English


Galway Kinnell

Crying only a little bit is no use.
You must cry until your pillow is soaked.
Then you can jump in the shower and splash-splash-splash.

यह कविता गालवे किन्नेल ने लिखी है। कवि का कहना है कि थोड़ा बहुत रोने से कोई फायदा नहीं होता है। अगर रोना ही है तो इतना रोना चाहिए कि आँसुओं से पूरा तकिया गीला हो जाए। उसके बाद मन हल्का हो जाता है और फिर आप शावर में जाकर फव्वारे का आनंद ले सकते हैं।

Then you can throw open your window and, “Ha, ha, ha, ha”
And if people say, “Hey, what’s going on up there?
“Ha ha” sing back, “Happiness was hiding in the last tear,
I wept it, Ha ha.”

जब खूब रोने के बाद मन हल्का हो जाए तो आप अपनी खिड़की खोलकर जोर से ठहाके लगा सकते हैं। अगर कोई पूछे की क्या हुआ तो आप कह सकते हैं कि आँसुओं की आखिरी बूँद में कहीं खुशी छिपी हुई थी। इसलिए आप रो रहे थे ताकि खुश हो सकें।

Exercise Questions

Let’s Read

Question 1: According to the poet, should you cry a little or should you cry a lot?

Answer: According to the poet, one should cry a lot.

Question 2: What can you do after crying a lot?

Answer: After crying a lot, I can enjoy the shower. After that, I can open my window and laugh aloud.

Question 3: Read the first two lines of the poem. Is the mood happy, sad, angry, jealous or upset?

Answer: Sad

Question 4: In the last few lines the mood of the poet has changed. What is it now? (very happy, angry, cheerful, sad, jealous)

Answer: Cheerful

Question 5: Are these sentences right or wrong?

  1. The poet says must not cry much.
  2. The poet says that you should cry till your pillow is soaked.
  3. The poet says that after crying you should open the window and laugh so that people will see that you are happy.
  4. The poet says that you should open the window and show people that you are crying.

Answer: (a) Wrong, (b) Right, (c) Right, (d) Wrong

Let’s Talk

Question 1: Where do you cry? What are the things that make you cry?

Answer: I cry in my room. When I don’t get a toy of my choice, then I cry.

Question 2: Can you cry when you are happy?

Answer: Sometimes, I do cry when I am happy.

Question 3: Which are the things that make you happy? In what ways do you show your happiness?

Answer: When I get good marks in a test and when I get a nice toy I become happy. I become cheerful to show my happiness.

Word Building

The word happiness ends in –ness and comes from the word happy. Write three words that end in the same way. Which words do they come from?


Let’s Write

Question 1: Fill in the blanks with the exact feeling word.

  1. The tourists were …………….to see the beautiful Taj Mahal. (amazed, shocked, worried)
  2. The lights went out suddenly. I was alone and ……………..(worried, shocked, frightened)
  3. He has been ill for a long time and his parents were ………….(unhappy, worried, angry)
  4. The shopkeeper was …………..when he saw his safe wide open with all his money missing. (unhappy, shocked, angry)

Answer: (a) Amazed, (b) Frightened, (c) Worried, (d) Shocked