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People Running During Earthquake

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A very strong earthquake hit the Kutch area of Gujarat on 26 January 2001. Bhuj was the worst affected, followed by Ahmedabad. About twelve thousand people died in Bhuj alone. This earthquake is also known as the Bhuj Earthquake.

Why Does Earthquake Happen

When the earth shakes, the shaking is called earthquake. The top layer of the earth is made of huge plates. These are called tectonic plates. These plates are always on move. When a tectonic plate collides with another plate, both of them shake. That is how earthquake happens.

Most of the earthquakes are so weak that we do not notice them. But some of the earthquakes can be very strong. Such earthquakes damage houses, buildings and roads. People may die or get injured because of collapsing houses.

Bhuj Earthquake

Most of the houses in Bhuj were poorly designed. They were made of stones. That is why many people died in that earthquake.

Many people became homeless after the earthquake because their houses were completely destroyed. They had to spend nights in tents or at shelter houses.

The government comes to people's help at the time of disaster. National Disaster Management Authority is a government organization. It helps people at the time of disaster. After the earthquake, many government and private agencies came forward to help people. They provided medical aid to people. They also provided food and shelter to people. Some agencies gave suggestions to build better houses which could withstand the shock of an earthquake. The town was rebuilt from scratch.


Question 1: A lot of people from other places came to Jasma's village. Who were these people? In what ways would they have helped the villagers?

Answer: People from various government and private agencies came to Jasma's village. Some examples can be: fire brigade, doctors, engineers, soldiers, etc.

Fire brigade helps in rescue operations. Firemen not only douse fire but also rescue people who get trapped in a building.

Doctors provide the necessary treatment to the injured.

Soldiers also help in rescue operations.

Engineers study the area and houses about the potential dangers from earthquake. An earthquake does not kill. The house that collapses due to earthquake is the main culprit. Engineers give suggestions on how to build houses which can be safer in case of an earthquake.

Question 2: People in Jasma's village rebuilt their houses with suggestions from the engineers. Will these houses be safer than before in case there is an earthquake again? Why?

Answer: Many modern houses are made earthquake proof. Such houses can withstand strong earthquakes. So, these houses can be safer in case of an earthquake.

Question 3: Think, if there were an earthquake where you live, would your house be in danger?

Answer: My apartment is earthquake proof. So, it is much safer in case of an earthquake.

Question 4: What will you do to save pet animals during natural disaster?

Answer: I will try to take my pet along with me.

What to Do When Earthquake Comes?

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