Class 5 EVS

Seeds and Seeds

You must have seen many types of seeds. Some seeds are small and some are large. Seeds of mustard are small, while seed of coconut is quite large. Seeds come in different shapes. Some are round, some are flat and some appear like capsules. Some seeds are smooth while some are rough. Seeds come in many colours.

Germination of Seed

A seed contains a baby plant and some food for the baby plant. When a seed starts to change in a plant, the process is called germination of seed. A seed need proper temperature, water and air to germinate. Following are the steps of seed germination.

Germination of Seed

Seeds Travel

Seeds travel far and wide. This helps them to produce plants in new areas. Different seeds travel by different methods.

Dandelion Seed Maple Seed Beggar Tick Seed Coconut Seed

Fig: From left to right: Seeds of dandelion, maple, beggar tick and coconut

Chillies also came from South America. Cabbage came from Europe. Bhindi or okra came from Africa.


Bowl 1Bowl 2Bowl 3
Are the seeds getting air?NoYesYes
Are the seeds getting water?YesyesNo
What changes did you see?Size of seeds increased.Size of seeds increased.No change
Have the seeds sprouted?NoYesNo

Conclusion: Both water and air are necessary for germination of seeds. A seed cannot germinate if any of the two is not available.