Class 5 EVS

A Seed Tells
A Farmer’s Story

This is a story told by a seed. This is not a story of the seed but a story of the way farming was done earlier and now. Times have changed and farmers have also changed the way they grow crops.

Tractors have replaced the bullocks for tilling the land. Synthetic fertilizers have replaced organic fertilizers. Farmers are using new varieties of seeds to get better harvest. Farmers are earning more money.

Scarecrow in Farm

This watercolor painting is made by Ajay Anand

But all of this has come with a price. Farmers are now in debt trap. Environment is getting damaged because of new methods of farming.


Question 1: Are rotis made in your home? From which grains are they made?

Answer: In my home, rotis are made of wheat flour.

Question 2: Have you eaten roti made from bajra or jowar? Did you like these?

Answer: Once, I was on a trip to Jaipur. I ate bajra roti at a roadside dhaba. I liked the taste of bajra roti.

Find Out and Write

Question 1: In your house what is done to protect grains and pulses from insects?

Answer: My father brings some medicines to put in the container of grains.

Question 2: Which are the different festivals related to farming, celebrated in different seasons? Find out more about any one such festival and write in your notebook:

The name of the festival, in which season is it celebrated, in which states of India, what special foods are made, is it celebrated only at home with the family, or together with many people.

Answer: There are many festivals related to farming, for example: Makar Sankranti, Baisakhi, etc.

Question 3: Talk to elders in your family and find out if there were some special foods cooked earlier that are not cooked anymore?

Answer: There are many lost dishes. Farra or Bagia is one such example. It is called Farra in UP and Bagia in Bihar. This is made from rice flour. This is a kind of dumpling which is filled with a spicy mixture of pulses. This is steamed, so I have compared it with dumplings.

Question 4: Find out about the crops – cereals, vegetables, pulses – that are grown in your area. Of those, is there anything that is famous across the country?

Answer: Many crops are grown in my area, like paddy, wheat, maize and vegetables. But my district is famous for being a big produced of turmeric.


Question 1: The bajra seed saw differences in the way Damjibhai and Masmukh did farming (for example, in irrigation, ploughing, etc.) What are these differences?


PloughingUsed bullocksUses tractor
IrrigationUsed canalsUses bore well
FertilizerUsed manureUses fertilizers
Pest controlUsed neem leavesUses pesticides
HarvestingUsed sickleUses harvester
ThreshingUsed bullocksUses threshing machine

Question 2: Hasmukh said, “With profits from our fields, we can progress.” What is your understanding of progress?

Answer: Hasmukh is earning profit from farming. So, he thinks has can progress. But I think, progress should not come at the cost of environment.

Question 3: What kind of progress would you like to see in your area?

Answer: I want that people of my area should earn enough to live a comfortable life. I want greenery all around. I want a school in my village.