A Truly Beautiful Mind

NCERT Solution

Question 1: Who had these opinions about Einstein?
(i) He was boring.
(ii) He was stupid and would never succeed in life.
(iii) He was a freak.

Answer: (i) Einstein’s playmates found him boring.
(ii) Einstein’s teacher thought that he was stupid and would never succeed in life.
(iii) Einstein’s mother thought that he was a freak because he behaved abnormally.

Question 2: Explain what the reasons for the following are.
(i) Einstein leaving the school in Munich for good.
(ii) Einstein wanting to study in Switzerland rather than in Munich.
(iii) Einstein seeing in Mileva an ally.
(iv) What do these tell you about Einstein?

Answer: (i) Einstein hated the regimented environment of his school in Munich. He always argued with his teachers. His mind was not made for the normal strict and disciplined environment of a school. That is why he left school to enjoy his independence.

(ii) Switzerland was more liberal than Munich. Einstein must have hoped to find a less stifling environment in Switzerland compared to that in Munich. So he wanted to study in Switzerland.

(iii) Mileva was just opposite to Enstein’s parents. Unlike them she used to appreciate arts and finer things of life. Her mindset matched with that of Einstein. So, Einstein saw a friend in Mileva.

(iv) These snippets from Einstein’s life gives an idea about the extraordinary thinking power Einstein was having since his childhood, because only a person with above normal intelligence can think beyond the accepted systems of behaviour and actions. Enistein always liked to take his own decisions which is evident from his insistence on leaving Munich for a better future.

3. What did Einstein call his desk drawer at the patent office? Why?

Answer: It is not mentioned in the passage, but it can be safely assumed that most of the applications for patent were of minor tweaking of older scientific theories and practices. This is the prevalent practice even today. Really original and innovative ideas rarely come on a routine basis. Moreover, as Einstein was himself a genius he could see the follies in patent applications as most of them must be of pure theoretical value with no resultant benefit for the mankind. That is why Einstein called his desk, ‘the bureau of theoretical physics.

Question 4: Why did Einstein write a letter to Franklin Roosevelt?

Answer: From the passage it is not clear if Einstein wanted the US to stop Nazis from making the bomb or wanted to encourage the US to make a bomb to utilize its destruction potential. The end result was the US made the nuclear bomb and used it against Japan. This led to large scale destruction and loss of lives in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Question 5: How did Einstein react to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Answer: Einstein was deeply shaken by mishaps in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He wrote letters to the United Nations urging it to make a world government to stop nuclear race. He traveled all over the world appealing to leaders of nations for ensuring world peace.

Question 6: Why does the world remember Einstein as a “world citizen”?

Answer: Einstein’s discovery had impacted the whole world by initiating new discoveries about the universe. His theory of relativity changed the perspective through which scientists saw the universe earlier. Apart from this he worked towards world peace and nuclear disarmament. Because of his scientific and geopolitical contribution Einstein is called a “world citizen”.

The Lake Isle of Innisfree


Meaning of Poem

The poet is reminiscing about his good old childhood days in a place called Innisfree. The poet remembers the peaceful life he had during his stay at the isle of Innisfree.

He wants to go there once again to relive his good olden days. He wants to make a small hut out of clay and wooden sticks. Further he wants to start beekeeping to enjoy the humming of bees while lying in the vast open space of his favourite place.

The poet wants to enjoy the tranquility of that place. The tranquility or the peace comes at a slow and leisurely pace from the foggy veil of early morning. During the night the cricket shatters the calm by continuous singing and the morning brings a sense of calm by shutting up crickets.

The midnight is like a glimmer of hope in Innisfree and this is unlike the complete darkness which is full of void. The afternoons are not harsh but glow with soft purple lights and the evenings are full of flattering wings of small birds giving the place a surreal look.

The poet wants to proceed for his favourite place right now. He wants to hear the music created by waves breaking at the shores of the lake. He cannot wait to experience the bliss which is the isle of Innisfree.

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