Class 9 Civics

Right to Freedom

The Right to Freedom means, we can do whatever we want to do, without interference from others, especially the government. The Right to Freedom includes the following:

Freedom of Speech & Expression

Freedom of speech and expression is one of the essential features of democracy. Different people can have different views on an issue. Each person should have the freedom to express his views, through various means. But the freedom of speech and expression comes with certain riders. You cannot express certain opinions which may incite public hatred and violence or which may hurt the sentiments of a particular religion or community. You cannot incite others to rebel against the country. You cannot defame someone on false basis.

Freedom of Assembly in a Peaceful Manner

There are many issues on which a person or a group of persons needs to hold public meetings. Anyone can hold such meetings but one has to ensure that the meeting remains peaceful and does not turn violent. A meeting or a procession should not lead to destruction of public property. People attending the rally or a meeting should not be carrying weapons.

Freedom to Form Associations and Unions

Associations and unions are formed by workers and also by professionals. There are many trade unions in the country which promote the cause of the workers. Various professionals, like doctors, businessmen, lawyers, etc. make their own associations to promote their cause.

Freedom to Move to and Reside in Any Part of Country

Every citizen has the right to travel to any part of the country. One can reside in any part of the country as well. This freedom allows everyone to migrate to another place in search of better opportunities. Many poor villagers have been able to improve their socioeconomic status because they have the freedom to move out in search of employment. But people of any other part of India cannot make permanent resident in some parts of the country. Moreover, the freedom to move to any part of the country can also be curtailed in times of emergency, like an attack or possibility of an attack by an enemy country.

Freedom to Carry Out Any Profession

One can choose any profession as per choice. This freedom ensures that a person can fully realize his or her potential.

No person can be deprived of his personal liberty, except under certain circumstances. Moreover, the Constitution also gives the Right to Life, which means a person's life cannot be taken until and unless a court awards death sentence to him. This also means that a person cannot be arrested by the police without proper legal sanction. In case of an arrest, the police have to follow these provisions: