Class 9 Geography


NCERT Exercise Solution

Part 1

Question 1: Which one of the following describes the drainage patterns resembling the branches of a tree?

  1. Radial
  2. Centrifugal
  3. Dendritic
  4. Trellis

    Answer: (c) Dendritic

Question 2: In which of the following states is the Wular lake located?

  1. Rajasthan
  2. Punjab
  3. Uttar Pradesh
  4. Jammu and Kashmir

    Answer: (d) Jammu and Kashmir

Question 3: The river Narmada has its source at

  1. Satpura
  2. Amarkantak
  3. Brahmagiri
  4. Slopes of the Western Ghats

    Answer: (b) Amarkantak

Question 4: Which one of the following lakes is a salt water lake?

  1. Sambhar
  2. Wular
  3. Dal
  4. Gobind Sagar

    Answer: (a) Sambhar

Question 5: Which one of the following is the longest river of the Peninsular India?

  1. Narmada
  2. Godavari
  3. Krishna
  4. Mahanadi

    Answer: (b) Godavari

Question 6: Which one amongst the following rivers flows through a rift valley?

  1. Mahanadi
  2. Krishna
  3. Tungbhhadra
  4. Tapi

    Answer: (d) Tapi

Question 7: What is meant by a water divide? Give an example.

Answer: Any elevated area separates two drainage basins. Such upland is called a water divide.

Question 8: Which is the largest river basin in India?

Answer: The Ganga River Basin

Question 9: Where do the rivers Indus and Ganga have their origin?

Answer: In the Himalayas

Question 10: Name the two headstreams of the Ganga. Where do they meet to form the Ganga?

Answer: Bhagirathi and Alaknanda are the two headstreams of Ganga. They meet at Devprayag to form the Ganga.