Class 10 Literature Reader

Two Gentlemen from Verona

Exercise Question

Part 2

Discuss the following questions and write the answers in your notebook.

Question 1: Appearances are deceptive. Discuss with reference to the two boys.

Answer: More often than not, it is true that appearances are deceptive. We usually tend to make our opinions about someone on the basis of appearance. A person in tattered clothes need not always be a crook. Similarly, there is no reason to always believe a nicely dressed person. The boys are shabbily dressed and appear like numerous street children who throng the streets even in India. We usually have certain prejudices about such children. But we should keep our prejudices aside and think various possible reasons which may have compelled those children in such a state. Given an opportunity, every child can become an honest and hard working individual.

Question 2: Do you think the boys looked after Lucia willingly? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Lucia is more or less in a vegetative state and cannot even take care of herself. The boys are too young to take up the huge responsibility of taking care of Lucia. Nonetheless, the boys are working day in and day out to earn enough so that Lucia can get proper treatment. They could have easily disowned Lucia and remained in the city to pursue their own interests but they did not do that. Moreover, they also keep on visiting Lucia on regular intervals. All of this shows that the boys looked after Lucia willingly.

Question 3: How does the story 'Two Gentlemen of Verona' promise hope for society?

Answer: This is a deeply engaging story. Although the characters and the plot appear quite simple but this story has deeper meanings. The story of the two boys shows that when all hope appears to be lost, there is always a flickering of light which promises towards a bright future. This is the hope which is keeping the boys always on their toes. The example of the author shows that there are good people in society who appreciate the good work done by a person in dire straits. The story of the nurse shows you will find some people in the society who can come out to help you in your darkest hour.

Question 4: Look at the italic words in the following examples.

  1. We bought their biggest basket, then set off toward town.
  2. One night we came upon them in the windy and deserted square.
  3. He bit his lip, then in a rather put out tone he said, 'Very well.'
  4. I shook my head and turned away.

Here are a few more. Match the phrases to their meanings.

Phrase Meaning
Set upTo start/establish a company
Break downTo lose control of your feelings and start crying
Set offTo start a journey
Put up withTo tolerate a situation or a person
Put offTo postpone
Put onTo wear
Come inTo enter
Come acrossTo meet or find by chance
Come up againstTo be faced with or opposed by
Turn downTo refuse/reject
Turn inTo inform or deliver up
Turn toTo try to get help/advice/sympathy from someone

Note: The above table shows answers

Question 5: Now use the phrases given above to complete the following sentences.

  1. The landlord was suspicious of the two men staying in his flat so he called the police and ………………. them …………….

    Answer: turned down
  2. Early in the morning we packed our bags and …………… for a hike over the mountain.

    Answer: Set off
  3. Janvi ……………………. some photographs of her grandfather in the old trunk.

    Answer: Came up against
  4. My father ……………….. his own business 10 years ago.

    Answer: Set up
  5. The Bank …………………………….. Paul's request for a loan.

    Answer: Turned down
  6. The Corporation's decision to reduce the leave of the employees ………………………… a lot of opposition.

    Answer: came up against