Resources and Development

Learning Goals:

Resource: Anything which can be used for satisfying the human needs is called a resource.

Types of Resources

types of resources

Biotic Resources: All living organisms in our environment are called biotic resources. For example, trees, animals, insects, etc.

Abiotic Resources: All non-living things present in our environment are termed as abiotic resources. Example: earth, air, water, metals, rocks, etc.

Renewable Resources: Resources that can be replenished within foreseeable future are called renewable Resources. Example: agricultural crops, water, forest, wildlife, etc.

Non-renewable Resources: Resources which caanot be replenished within foreseeable future are called non-renewable resources. Example: fossil fuel.

Types of Resources on Some Other Criteria

types of resources types of resources

Development of Resources

Thus, equal distribution of resources becomes necessary for sustainable development. Planning of resources is necessary to ensure equitable distribution and sustainable development.

Sustainable Development: Development which takes place without damaging the environment and compromising with needs of future is called sustainable development.

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