Class 10 Economics

Sectors of The Indian Economy

NCERT Exercise

Part 1

Fill in the blanks:

  1. Employment in the service sector _________ increased to the same extent as production. (has / has not)
  2. Workers in the _________ sector do not produce goods. (tertiary / agricultural)
  3. Most of the workers in the _________ sector enjoy job security. (organised / unorganised)
  4. A _________ proportion of labourers in India are working in the unorganized sector. (large / small)
  5. Cotton is a _________ product and cloth is a _________ product. (natural /manufactured)
  6. The activities in primary, secondary and tertiary sectors are_________ (independent / interdependent)

Answer: (1) has not (2) tertiary (3) organised (4) large (5) natural, manufactured (6) interdependent

Select the correct option:

Question 1: GDP is the total value of _________ produced during a particular year.

  1. All goods and services
  2. All final goods and services
  3. All intermediate goods and services
  4. All intermediate and final goods and services

Answer: (b) All final goods and services

Question 2: In terms of GDP the share of tertiary sector in 2003 is _________

  1. Between 20 to 30 per cent
  2. Between 30 to 40 per cent
  3. Between 50 to 60 per cent
  4. 70 per cent

Answer: (d) 70 percent

Question 3: The sectors are classified into public and private sector on the basis of:

  1. Employment conditions
  2. The nature of economic activity
  3. Ownership of enterprises
  4. Number of workers employed in the enterprise

Answer: (c) Ownership of enterprises

Question 4: Production of a commodity, mostly through the natural process, is an activity in _________ sector.

  1. Primary
  2. Secondary
  3. Tertiary
  4. Information technology

Answer: (a) Primary

Find the odd one out and say why.

  1. Tourist guide, dhobi, tailor, potter
    Answer: Tourist guide is working in tertiary sector, while others are in primary sector
  2. Teacher, doctor, vegetable vendor, lawyer
    Answer: Vegetable vendor is working in primary sector, while others are in tertiary
  3. Postman, cobbler, soldier, police constable
    Answer: Cobbler is working in secondary sector, while others are in tertiary sector
  4. MTNL, Indian Railways, Air India, SAHARA Airlines, All India Radio
    Answer: SAHARA Airlines is in private sector, while others are in public sector

Match the following:


Problems faced by farming sectorSome possible measures
Unirrigated landConstruction of canals by the government
Low price for cropsProcurement of food grains by government
Debt burdenBanks to provide credit with low interest
No job in the off seasonSetting up agro based mills
Compelled to sell their grains to local traders soon after harvestCooperative marketing societies