Crocodile and Monkey

There was a monkey living on a blackberry tree near a pond. A crocodile used to enjoy the sunshine on the bank of the pond. One day, the monkey offered some tasty blackberries to the crocodile. The crocodile enjoyed the tasty blackberries and that is how he developed a friendship with the monkey.

After that, it became a routine affair for them. Every day, the crocodile enjoyed the blackberries and both of them chatted together for hours. One day, crocodile took some blackberries for his wife. When the wife ate those blackberries she was overjoyed. She said to the crocodile, “If these blackberries are so tasty, I wonder how tasty would be the heart of your friend who eats these blackberries daily. I desparately want to taste the heart of that monkey. If you really love me, then you will have to bring that monkey for me.”

crocodile and monkey

Inivitation for Monkey

The crocodile was taken aback after hearing his wife's demand. He said that the monkey was good friend and one should not kill his friends. But the wife was in no mood to listen all those talks about the virtues of friendship. She said that she would stop talking to the crocodile till he would bring the monkey for her feast.

The crocodile was caught between the devil and the deep sea. With a heavy heart, he mustered some courage and went near the blackberry tree so that he could bring the monkey for his wife.

He said to the monkey that his wife had invited the monkey for a sumptuous dinner because she also wanted to make friends with the monkey. The monkey readily agreed to that offer but wondered that how would he reach the home of crocodile because he did not know how to swim. The crocodile said that the monkey need not worry about swimming and should take a ride on his back.

Missing Heart

The monkey hopped on to the back of crocodile and was very happy to see water splashing all around him. When they reached in the middle of the pond, the crocodile told him the truth. He said that he was sorry but he had no other way than to give preference to his wife over his friend.

Monkeys are very intelligent animals. The monkey quickly thought of a plan to get out of that situation. He said, “You probably do not know that monkeys do not carry their hearts everywhere. I usually leave my heart on the topmost branch of the blackberry tree so that it can remain safe. I shall be too happy to offer my heart for your wife because you are my best friend. Let us go back so that I can fetch my heart for your wife.”

The crocodile readily believed on what the monkey said. He turned back towards the bank. As soon as they reached near the bank, the monkey quickly jumped off and sprinted to the topmost branch of the tree. Once he was out of danger; he said, “You are really a foolish crocodile. You should remember that nobody can be alive if his heart is taken out of his body. I should not have befreinded you in the first place. Go away, you greedy crocodile.”

The moral of the story is, &qot;One should never believe a greedy person like a crocodile."