Lion and Rabbit

Once upon a time, there was a very cruel lion in a jungle. Lions usually kill only when they need food. But this lion used to kill small animals without a cause. He just killed because he enjoyed killing the animals. The animals were not happy with that situation and they decided to do something for it. All the animals held meeting with the lion. They promised the lion that they would send one animal to him every day and he should stop killing them without a cause. The lion agreed to this, as he also wanted to enjoy free lunch.

Thus, the lion began to get one animal every day at his doorstep and his life became ever more comfortable. One day, it was the turn of a rabbit. All the animals bid farewell to the rabbit with heavy hearts. The rabbit was on his way to sacrfice his life for the sake of fellow animals. The rabbit was walking very slowly and was thinking of some way to get rid of the lion forever. By the time the rabbit reached near the cave of the lion, it was already very late. The lion was gettig angry because of the delay. When he saw a small rabbit coming towards him, he became even more angry.

lion looking in well

Lion gets Angry

The lion thundered, "You have come so late that I have become more hungry. A small creature like you can not be enough even for my breakfast. Today, I am going to kill all the animals. All of you need to be taught a lesson."

The rabbit replied, "I am extremely sorry for the delay. I would have reached on time but I met another lion on my way who was not allowing me to come here. He said that he is the real king of jungle and wants to teach you a lesson."

The lion reacted angrily, &qot;There is only one king of the jungle and that is me. Take me to that lion and let me kill him first. After that I will see to it that none of you will live to see another day."

Foolish Act

The rabbit asked the lion to follow him. He took the lion near an old well and said, "That lion lives inside this well. You can check for yourself."

The lion peeped in the well to have a look at his newly discovered competitor. He saw his own reflection in the well and thought it to be another lion. The lion jumped into the well and that was the end of the cruel lion.

All the animals became jubiliant to hear the news. The small rabbit was their new hero.

The moral of the story is, "By applying the right tactics, even a bigger enemy can be defeated."