Potter and King

Once upon a time, there lived a potter in a village. One day, when he was in an inebriated state; he fell on a pitcher and got a deep wound on his forehead. The wound healed after some time but it left a big scar mark on his forehead.

After a few years of that incident, there was famine in the area. The villagers had to leave for another country in search of some source of livelihood. The potter also left for another country so that he could find some job.

The potter was quite lucky to find a job at the palace of a king. When the king saw the scar mark on potter’s forehead, he was much impressed with the potter. He thought that the potter must have been a good warrior because such scar marks were supposed to be the signs of battle weariness.

potter and king

The king began to give extra respect to the potter. The potter also got promotion and was made an esteemed courtier in the king’s court. The potter was also happy at his new found status and respect.

Call for Battle

One day, the enemy kingdom waged a war against this kingdom. The king asked the potter to lead his army because he wanted some really brave person to lead the army. Then the potter said that he was not a warrior but a potter. He told the whole story about the scar mark. The king was highly embarassed for his ignorance.

The moral of the story is, "Only external appearance is not enough to judge a person."