Class 7 Maths

Practical Geometry NCERT Exercise 10.5

Question 1: Construct the right angled ΔPQR, where m∠Q = 90°, QR = 8cm and PR = 10 cm.

Answer: Draw a line QR = 8 cm.

Draw a right angle on point Q and draw a line along this perpendicular.

From point R, draw an arc with radius = PR = 10 cm, so that the arc intersects the perpendicular on QR.

Join the points P and R.

video of geometry construction
Animation of Geometry Construction

Question 2: Construct a right-angled triangle whose hypotenuse is 6 cm long and one of the legs is 4 cm long.

video of geometry construction

Answer: Follow the steps in previous question. Change the base and hypotenuse.

Question 3: Construct an isosceles right-angled triangle ABC, where m∠ACB = 90° and AC = 6 cm.

video of geometry construction

Answer: Draw a line CB = 6 cm.

Draw a perpendicular on point C so that AC = CB = 6 cm.

Join A to B; to get the required triangle.