On The Trail Of the Earliest People

NCERT Exercise Solution

Fill in the blanks:
  1. Hunter-gatherers chose to live in caves and rock shelters because ————————.

    Answer: they provided shelter from rain, heat and wind
  2. Grasslands developed around ———————— years ago.

    Answer: 12,000
  3. Early people painted on the ———————— of caves.

    Answer: walls
  4. In Hunsgi, tools were made of ————————.

    Answer: stones

Look at the present-day political map of the Indian subcontinent. Find out the states where Bhimbetka, Hunsgi and Kurnool are located.

Answer: Bhimbetka is in Madhya Pradesh, Hunsgi is in Karnataka and Kurnool is in Andhra Pradesh.

Why did the hunter-gatherers travel from place to place? In what ways are these similar to/different from the reasons for which we travel today?

Answer: Hunter-gatherers traveled from place to place in search of food. Once food resources at a place were exhausted, they needed to go to a new place. Now-a-days; people travel for various purposes. Some people travel because they enjoy travelling. Some people travel to meet relatives and friends on special occasions. Some people travel as a part of their work. Some people travel to explore new places.

What tools would you use today for cutting fruit? What would they be made of?

Answer: We use knife for cutting fruit. Knives are made of steel.

List three ways in which hunter-gatherers used fire. Would you use fire for any of these purposes today?

Answer: Three ways in which hunter-gatherers used fire are as follows:

  1. For cooking
  2. For warding off wild animals
  3. For clearing forest

Extra Questions

People of the Stone Age lived in which natural structure?

Asnwer: Caves

Bhimbetka is in which modern state of India.

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Remains of ashes have been found from the caves of which place?

Answer: Kurnool

Cave paintings usually depict which type of scene?

Answer: Hunting scene

Discarded stone pieces and chips can be found on which type of sites of the Stone Age?

Answer: Factory sites

What is Stone Age?

Answer: The period during which only stone tools were used by people is called the Stone Age.

What is the meaning of Palaeolithic Age?

Answer: Palaeolithic Age means the Old Stone Age.

What were the sources of food for early people?

Answer: Meat, fish, fruits, roots, berries, etc. were the sources of food for early people.

Cave paintings usually contained pictures of which animals?

Answer: Bison, deer and other wild animals.

Why is Bhimbetka famous?

Answer: Bhimbetka is famous for cave paintings of the Stone Age. This site has been termed the World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

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