Class 6 Science

Components of Food NCERT Exercise Solution

Fill in the blanks

  1. ---------- is caused by deficiency of vitamin D.

    Answer: Rickets
  2. Deficiency of ----------- causes a disease known as beri-beri.

    Answer: B1
  3. Deficiency of vitamin C causes a disease known as ----------

    Answer: Scurvy
  4. Night blindness is caused due to deficiency of --------in our food.

    Answer: Vitamin A

Answer the following question

Question 1: Name the following

  1. The nutrients which give energy to our body.

    Answer: Carbohydrate and fat
  2. The nutrients that are needed for the growth and maintenance of our body.

    Answer: Protein
  3. A vitamin required for maintaining good eyesight.

    Answer: Vitamin A
  4. A mineral that is required for keeping our bones healthy.

    Answer: Calcium

Question 2: Name two food rich in each of the following

  1. Fat

    Answer: Butter and peanut
  2. Starch

    Answer: Rice and potato
  3. Dietary fibre

    Answer: Salad and sprouts
  4. Protein

    Answer:Meat and pulse

Question 3: Write Yes for correct statement and No for incorrect statement

  1. By eating rice alone, we can fulfill nutritional requirement of our body.
  2. Deficiency diseases can be prevented by eating a balanced diet.
  3. Balanced diet for the body should contain a variety of food items.
  4. Meat alone is sufficient to provide all the nutrients to the body.

Answer: 1 No, 2 Yes, 3 Yes, 4 No

Extra Questions

Question 1: What is a deficiency disease?

Answer: The disease caused due to the lack of one or more nutrients in the diet is called deficiency disease.

Question 2: Why is goiter caused?

Answer: Goiter is caused due to deficiency of iodine.

Question 3: Name a rich source of vitamin A.

Answer: Carrot and spinach are rich sources of vitamins.

Question 4: What is the function of roughage?

Answer: Roughage helps in cleaning the bowel.

Question 5: What is balanced diet?

Answer: The diet which contains all the essential nutrients in the right proportion is called a balanced diet.

Question 6: What are energy giving foods?

Answer: Carbohydrates and fats are energy giving food.

Question 7: What are body building foods?

Answer: Proteins are body building food.

Question 8: What are the sources of carbohydrates?

Answer: Rice, wheat, maize, potato and sugar are the main sources of carbohydrates.

Question 9: Name the disease caused by the deficiency of iron?

Answer: Anaemia

Question 10: Name the major nutrients in our food.

Answer:Carbohydrates, protein, and fats