Class 6 Science Quiz

6 Science Variety of Food

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1: (a) Plant, 2: (b) Boiled rice, 3: (c) Animal, 4: (d) Egg and milk, 5: (c) Seed, 6: (b) Herbivores, 7: (a) Carnivores, 8: (c) Omnivores, 9: (b) Nectar, 10: (a) Fruit

All of us eat a variety of food. Different meals of the day contain different kinds of food. We need varieties of food to fulfill our nutrition needs and also to satisfy our taste buds. Most of the meals contain more than one type of food. For example; a simple breakfast may contain at least two food items. A lavish lunch may contain a dozen of food items. People in different parts of the world eat different kinds of food. In India, different regions have their own signature dishes, e.g. dhokla in Gujarat, Hilsa in Bengal and Dosa in Tamil Nadu. We also enjoy to eat many international food; like pizza, burger, noodles, etc.