Class 6 Science Quiz

6 Science Garbage In Garbage Out

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1: (a) Garbage, 2: (b) Landfill, 3: (c) Compost, 4: (d) Composting, 5: (b) Recyclable, 6: (a) Green, 7: (d) Manure, 8: (c) Oil, 9: (c) 3 to 4 weeks, 10: (d) All of these

Garbage can be a major problem if it is not disposed properly. Most of us throw garbage at the nearest garbage bin and seldom think about what happens to that. In most of the big cities, there is a well-oiled system to take care of garbage. The municipal workers collect garbage from garbage bins on the roadside and take it in the huge garbage trucks. The garbage is finally dumped at the landfill site. A landfill site is usually out of the populated areas. Once a landfill site gets filled with garbage, it is left idle for many years. Later on, it can be developed into a park or for other recreational activities.