Class 6 Science Quiz

Parts of Plant

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1: (d) All of these, 2: (c) Shrub, 3: (c) Herb, 4: (a) Tree, 5: (a) Shrub, 6: (b) Creepers, 7: (c) Climbers, 8: (d) Stem, 9: (b) Lamina, 10: (a) Midrib

Plants come in various shapes and sizes. Based on their shapes and sizes, they can be classified as herbs, shrubs and trees. Herbs are the smallest, while trees are the largest. Some plants have very weak stem. If they grow along the ground, they are called creepers. If they climb on a support, they are called climbers. A typical plant can be divided into two main parts, viz. root and shoot. Root grows underground and provides anchorage to the plant. It also absorbs water and minerals from soil. Stem grows upwards and bears branches, leaves, flowers and fruits. Leaves are called the kitchen of a plant because photosynthesis happens in leaves.