Class 7 Civics

State Government

Extra Questions

Fill in the blanks

  1. MLA stands for _____.
  2. ______ is a particular area from where all the voters living there choose their representatives.
  3. Majority is also called a ________.
  4. All MLAs (from the ruling party/opposition) meet and discuss things is the _________.
  5. Each state is divided into different areas or ____.

Answer: (1) Member of Legislative Assembly, (2) Constituency, (3) Simple Majority, (4) Legislative Assembly, (5) Constituencies

Match Columns

Column IColumn II
(i) Chief Minister(a) Head of State
(ii) Discussion of Issues(b) Legislature
(iii) MLAs(c) Press Conference
(iv) Governor(d) Executive

Answer: (i) - d, (ii) - c, (iii) - b, (iv) - a

Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1: The word government in common usage refers to

  1. Government departments
  2. Various ministers heading the government departments
  3. both a and b
  4. none of the above

Answer: (c) Both a and b

Question 2: The overall head of the government in a state is the

  1. Prime Minister
  2. Governor
  3. Chief Minister
  4. President

Answer: (c) Chief Minister

Question 4: ______ appoints the Chief Minister and other ministers

  1. President
  2. Former Chief Minister
  3. Prime Minister
  4. Governor

Answer: (d) Governor

Question 5: The Chief Minister is a part of the _____

  1. Legislature
  2. Executive
  3. Judiciary
  4. none of the above

Answer: (b) Executive