Class 7 Civics

Women Empowerment

NCERT Solution

Question 1: How do you think stereotypes, about what women can do and cannot do affect women's right to equality?

Answer: If there is a rigid view regarding what a woman can and cannot do, it restricts the right of a woman to have equal opportunity to explore her potential. It restricts them from nurturing and showcasing their talents and aptitude.

Question 2: List one reason why learning the alphabet was so important to women like Rashsundari Devi, Ramabai and Rokeya.

Answer: Rashsundari Devi, Ramabai and Rokeya were ambitious women. They wanted to make an impact on the society. Ramabai could do this through the Mission she set up which is still active today. Rashsundari Devi and Rokeya went on to become writers. Rokeya's education had an impact on the stories that she wrote which imagined places where women had the freedom to study, work and realize their dreams. Rashsundari Devi, through her own writing could give an opportunity to the entire world to know about the condition of women in those days.

Question 3: "Poor girls drop out of school because they are not interested in getting an education". Re-read the last paragraph on page 62 and explain why this statement is not true.

Answer: This is a wrong perception. There are many reasons which compel girls (poor or well to do) to drop out of school. Poor girls drop out of school due to the cost of education, family demands, lack of proper schools, teachers and transport facilities to school, etc. It is not due to their lack of interest in studies. It is because some parents still nuture a mindset against girl's education. Some people want to utilise their meagre resources on boy's education because of a common belief that boys become the bread winners.

Question 4: Can you describe two methods of struggle that the women's movement used to raise issues? If you had to organize a struggle against stereotypes, about what women can or cannot do, what method will you employ from the ones that you have read about? Why would you choose this particular method?

Answer:Protesting: In this method public rallies and demonstrations were held by women to raise their voice against violations of law affecting them.

Raising awareness: This helped in creating public awareness on women's rights issues through street plays, songs and public meetings.

I will choose to spread the message by raising awareness method i.e. through street plays, songs, etc. This is because through plays, song, etc. people can relate to the issue and understand it more easily than reading it in a newspaper. Since public meetings are interactive in nature, they are also an effective method of raising awareness about an issue.