Class 7 Geography

Natural Vegetation Wildlife

Extra Questions

Very Short Answer Type Questions:

Question 1: Name the main types of forests.

Answer: Main types of forest are: Tropical evergreen, tropical deciduous, temperate evergreen, temperate deciduous, coniferous, Mediterranean vegetation.

Question 2: What are the types of grasslands?

Answer: Grasslands are of following types: Tropical grasslands, temperate grasslands.

Question 3: Where are mosses and lichens found?

Answer: Tundra vegetation

Question 4: Which kinds of trees are found in temperate evergreen forests?

Answer: Hard and soft wood trees

Question 5: Why the trees of the tropical evergreen forests do not shed leaves altogether?

Answer: Because there is no particular dry season.

Short Answer Type Questions:

Question 1: Write a note on temperate evergreen forests.

Answer: These are located in the mid-latitudinal coastal region. They are commonly found along the eastern margins of the continents e.g., in south east USA, South China and in South East Brazil. They comprise both hard and soft wood trees like oak, pine etc.

Question 2: Where are tropical evergreen forests found and why are they called evergreen?

Answer: They are found in the regions near the equator and the tropics. The trees in this region do not shed their leaves altogether since there is no dry season. Hence they are called evergreen.

Question 3: What is tundra vegetation?

Answer: The vegetation near the polar region is called tundra vegetation. This region is very cold and has limited vegetation. Lichens, mosses and very small scrubs, comprise the tundra vegetation. Here the growth of plants is in the very short summer.

Question 4: What are temperate grasslands?

Answer: Temperate grasslands are found in the mid – latitudinal zones and the interior part of the continents. The grass over here is short and nutritious. The wildlife comprises of wild buffaloes, bisons and antelopes.

Long Answer Type Questions:

Question 1: Describe forests.

Answer: Forests grow where temperature and rainfall are plentiful. The types of forests and their features are as under;

Type of Forest/DescriptionLocationFaunaFlora
Tropical evergreen. They receive heavy rainfall throughout the year and have no particular dry season.Near the equator and close to the tropicssloths, chimpanzees, orangutansHardwood trees like rosewood, ebony and mahogany
Tropical deciduous, these experience seasonal changesLarge parts of India, northern Australia and in central AmericaTigers, lions, elephants, langoors and monkeysHardwood trees like sal, teak, neem and shisham
Temperate evergreenMid – latitudinal coastal regionBlack bear, brown bear, deer, owlsHard and soft wood trees like oak, pine, eucalyptus etc
Temperate deciduous forestsNorth eastern part of USA, China, New Zealand, ChileDeer, foxes, wolves, pheasants, monalsOak, ash, birch
Mediterranean vegetation, they have hot dry summers and mild rainy winterswest and south west margins of the continentsNot much wildlifeoranges, olives and grapes
Coniferous, these are also called TaigaHigher latitudes (50o– 70o) of Northern hemisphereSilver fox, mink, polar bearTall, softwood trees like chir, pine, cedar

Question 2: What are grasslands?

Answer: Grasslands grow in the region of moderate rain. These are of two types: tropical grasslands and temperate grasslands. Tropical grasslands are found on the either side of the equator and extend till the tropics. This vegetation grows in the areas of moderate to low amount of rainfall. The grass can grow very tall about 3 to 4 m in height. The wildlife here includes elephants, zebras, deer, leopards, giraffes. The Savannah grasslands of Africa are of this type. Temperate grasslands are found in the mid – latitudinal zones and the interior part of the continents. The grass over here is short and nutritious. The wildlife comprises of wild buffaloes, bisons and antilopes.

Question 3: Write a note on shrubs.

Answer: These are found in the dry desert like regions. Tropical deserts are found on the western margins of the continents. Because of scanty rain and the scorching heat, vegetation here is scarce. In the polar region, where the climate is extremely cold, the growth of natural vegetation is very limited. The vegetation here, which grows only during the very short summer, consists of mosses, lichens and very small shrubs. The vegetation mentioned above is called the Tundra type of vegetation. It is found in the polar areas of Europe, Asia and North America.

Some of the animals found here are seal, walruses, musk – oxen, snow foxes, polar bear and Arctic owl. These animals have thick skin and thick fur to protect themselves from the cold climate.