Class 8 Science

Force Pressure

Extra Questions

Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1: Which force is being applied by a vendor when he is pushing the pushcart?

  1. Muscular force
  2. Magnetic force
  3. Friction
  4. Electrostatic force

Answer: (a) Muscular force

Question 2: What will happen to the speed of a car when the driver applies brakes?

  1. Speed increases
  2. Speed decreases
  3. No change in speed
  4. Change in direction

Answer: (b) Speed decreases

Question 3: Which force always opposes motion?

  1. Magnetic force
  2. Electrostatic force
  3. Friction
  4. Muscular force

Answer: (c) Friction

Question 4: When your friend pushes your bike from behind, what will happen to the speed of the bike?

  1. Speed decreases
  2. Speed increases
  3. No change
  4. Any of the above

Answer: (b) Speed increases

Question 5: Which of the following possess gravitation?

  1. Earth
  2. Venus
  3. Saturn
  4. All of the above

Answer: (d) All of the above

Question 6: How much weight of air is always over your head?

  1. 1000 kg
  2. 100 kg
  3. 10 kg
  4. 1 kg

Answer: (a) 1000 kg

Question 7: Which force causes a charged balloon to attract another balloon?

  1. Muscular force
  2. Electrostatic force
  3. Magnetic force
  4. Gravitational force

Answer: (b) Electrostatic force

Question 8: A dropper to fill ink works because of which of the following?

  1. Friction
  2. Magnetic force
  3. Air pressure
  4. Electrostatic force

Answer: (c) Air pressure

Question 9: What is the SI unit of force?

  1. Newton
  2. Galileo
  3. Einstein
  4. Faraday

Answer: (a) Newton

Question 10: Which animal can easily walk in desert?

  1. Lion
  2. Zebra
  3. Giraffe
  4. Camel

Answer: (d) Camel

Very Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1: What is force?

Answer: A push or pull on an object is called force.

Question 2: What is a contact force?

Answer: Contact force is a force which can produce its effect only by making a contact with object.

Question 3: What is a non-contact force?

Answer: The non-contact force is a force which can produce its effect without making a contact with object.

Question 4: What is muscular force?

Answer: It is the force applied by muscles of humans or animals.

Question 5: What is friction?

Answer: When one surface is moving over another surface, a force comes into play and opposes their relative motion. This force is called friction or force of friction.

Question 6: What is magnetic force?

Answer: The force applied by a magnet is called magnetic force.

Question 7: What is electrostatic force?

Answer: It is the force applied by a charged body on another charged or non-charged body.

Question 8: What is gravitational force?

Answer: Gravitational force is the force which is exerted by every object in the universe.

Question 9: What is pressure?

Answer: The force acting on a unit area on an object is called pressure.

Question 10: What is atmospheric pressure?

Answer: The pressure exerted by atmospheric air is called atmospheric pressure.