Human Environment

The interaction between human beings and environment is a continuous process. The early humans tried to adapt to the environment. They did not change the environment and lived a simple life. With gradual passage of time, they began to change the environment to suit their needs. They developed new methods and technologies to changed the environment as per their need.

The following are the examples of uses / changes made in the environment by human beings:

Some of the significant changes which helped in progress of human life are: invention of wheel, surplus food production, barter system, trade and commerce, etc. The Industrial Revolution helped in large scale production of goods. In modern times, the information technology has made long distance communication easier and faster across the globe.

A perfect balance and harmony is necessary between the natural environment and the human environment. This is the reason we prefer different foods in different seasons.

But there is a need for perfect balance and harmony between the human environment and natural environment. This is evident in as simple fact as our preference for different food in different seasons.

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