Class 7 Geography

Settlement Transport Communication

NCERT Solution

Match the following:

Column IColumn II
(i) Internet(a) areas where people are engaged in manufacturing, trade and services
(ii) Canal routeclosely built area of houses
(iii) Urban areas(c) houses on stilts
(iv) Compact settlement(d) Inland waterways
(e) a means of communication

Answer: (i) e, (ii) d, (iii) a, (iv) b

Multiple Choice Questions:

Question 1: Which is NOT a means of communication?

  1. Telephone
  2. Books
  3. Table

Answer: (c) Table

Question 2: Which type of road is constructed under the ground?

  1. Flyover
  2. Expressways
  3. Subways

Answer: (c) Subways

Question 3: Which mode of transport is most suitable to reach an island?

  1. Ship
  2. Train
  3. Car

Answer: (a) Ship

Question 4: Which vehicle does not pollute the environment?

  1. Cycle
  2. Bus
  3. Aeroplane

Answer: (a) Cycle

Answer the following questions:

Question 1: What are the four means of transport?

Answer: Roadways, railways, waterways and airways.

Question 2: What do you understand by the term settlement?

Answer: They are the places where people build their homes.

Question 3: Which are the activities practised by the rural people?

Answer: Agriculture, fishing, forestry, craftwork and trading.

Question 4: Mention any two merits of railways.

Answer: Speed and economical

Question 5: What do you understand by communication?

Answer: It is the process of conveying messages to others.

Question 6: What is mass media?

Answer: The means of communication through which we can communicate with a large number of people.

Question 7: Today's world is shrinking. Why?

Answer: Because of the improved means of transport and communication, the world has become a smaller and easily accessible place. Hence we can say that the world is shrinking.