Class 9 Geography

Retreating Monsoon

During October-November, the sun apparently moves towards the south. During this period, the monsoon trough over the northern plains becomes weaker. The south-west monsoon winds weaken and start withdrawing gradually. The monsoon withdraws from the northern plains by the beginning of October.

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Although there are wide variations in weather patterns across India, the monsoon brings some unifying influences on India. The Indian landscape, its flora and fauna, etc. are highly influenced by the monsoon.

The entire agricultural calendar in India is governed by the monsoon. Most of the festivals in India are related to agricultural cycle. These festivals may be known by different names in different parts of the country, but their celebration is decided by the monsoon. It is also said that the river valleys which carry the rainwater also unite as a single river valley unit. Due to these reasons, monsoon is often a great unifying factor in India.

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