Class 7 Civics


Extra Questions

Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1: How can we improve the overall health condition of the people in India?

Answer: The government has to take steps to improve the healthcare services especially aiming at the poor and underprivileged sections of the society. Improvement in the basic amenities and social conditions of the people will go a long way in improving their health conditions.

Question 2: Describe the health – finance struggle faced by the poor in India.

Answer: For those who are poor, every illness causes a lot of anxiety and stress because they have to borrow money/sell their possessions for paying their medical bills. They also tend to fall ill repeatedly because of malnourishment and lack of basic health and sanitation facilities.

Question 3: Write briefly about health.

Answer: Being healthy means much more than having no disease. It includes removing the factors that contribute to ill health like accumulation of stagnant water in the surroundings, lack of basic sanitation facilities, dirty surroundings, polluted air etc. It also includes good mental health.

Very Short Answer Type Questions:

Question 1: Define public health service.

Answer: Public health service is a chain of health centres and hospitals run by the government.

Question 2: What are the types of health care facilities available in India?

Answer: Public service and private health facility.

Question 3: What is a private health facility?

Answer: Private health facility is owned by an individual or company and not by the government.

Question 4: Give the basic definition of health.

Answer: Health, in layman's terms is the ability to remain free of illnesses and injuries.

Long Answer Type Questions

Question 1: Describe the steps taken in India and Costa Rica regarding health.

Answer: Kerala: Some major changes were made by the Kerala government in 1996. The panchayats were allocated forty per cent of the state budget. This enabled the panchayats in planning and providing for their requirements well. This helped the village to make sure that proper planning was done for water, food and women’s development and education.

Costa Rica: Costa Rica is amongst the healthiest nations in South America. This could be possible because of an important decision made by the Costa Rican government. Many years ago; Costa Rica decided not to have an army. It was assumed that instead of wasting the money on armed forces, it was more important to spend that on public health, education and on other basic needs of the people.

Question 2: Write a note on equality from health perspective.

Answer: In India, there is no equality in terms of healthcare facilities.

Question 3: Write in detail about healthcare in India.

Answer: India produces the largest number of doctors every year but majority of them prefer to settle in urban areas. The government has put in place a system of hospitals at different levels; right from villages to urban centres. Doctors of various speciality are available in these hospitals. Apart from giving treatment, these hospitals also do the necessary work to prevent many epidemics.

But the number of doctors and hospital beds in government hospitals is not enough to take the load of huge number of sick people. Due to this, a person has to wait in long queues in government hospitals. Many small villages are far away from hospitals and people often have to trek for miles to reach hospital.

Apart from government hospitals, there are many private hospitals. But most of the private hospitals are in big cities. In small cities, many doctors run their private clinics. Treatment in private hospitals is highly costly. Doctors in private hospitals often prescribe too many medicines and tests which may not be required at all.