Class 5 EVS


NCERT Exercise

Question 1: A lot of people from other places came to Jasma's village. Who were these people? In what ways would they have helped the villagers?

Answer: People from various government and private agencies came to Jasma's village. Some examples can be: fire brigade, doctors, engineers, soldiers, etc.

An earthquake does not kill. The house that collapses due to earthquake is the main culprit. Engineers give suggestions on how to build houses which can be safer in case of an earthquake.

Question 2: People in Jasma's village rebuilt their houses with suggestions from the engineers. Will these houses be safer than before in case there is an earthquake again? Why?

Answer: Many modern houses are made earthquake proof. Such houses can withstand strong earthquakes. So, these houses can be safer in case of an earthquake.

Question 3: Think, if there were an earthquake where you live, would your house be in danger?

Answer: My apartment is earthquake proof. So, it is much safer in case of an earthquake.

Question 4: What will you do to save pet animals during natural disaster?

Answer: I will try to take my pet along with me.

What to Do When Earthquake Comes?