Class 5 EVS

No Place for Us

NCERT Exercise Part 1

Discuss and Tell

Question 1: Many people in Jatrya’s village did not agree to move away from their land and forest. Why? They had to leave even though they didn’t want to. Why?

Answer: People of Jatrya’s village had been living there for many generations. They did not like to be removed from their roots. So, they did not agree to move away from their land and forest. They had to leave because of pressure from police and government.

Question 2: In Khedi, how many people were there in Jatrya’s family? When he thought about his family who all came to his mind?

Answer: Jatrya was living with his parents and some other elders. He also thought about the family of his future. He thought about his wife and children, after getting married.

Question 3: Who all come to your mind when you think about your family?

Answer: My family is composed of my parents, me and my sister.

Question 4: Have you heard of people who don’t want to be moved from their old place? Talk about them.

Answer: Sometimes, I read news about people protesting against removal of their slums.

Question 5: Do you know some people who have never been to school? Do you also know of any place where there is no school?

Answer: The maid who comes to my house for cleaning and mopping has never been to school. She says that there is no school in her village.


Question 1: Think of the kinds of difficulties people have to face where a dam is being built.

Answer: When a dam is built, a vast tract of land comes under its catchment area. People from that area have to be evacuated. Plants and animals of catchment area are destroyed. It results in great loss of flora and fauna.

Question 2: Draw a picture of Khedi village and a picture of Jatrya’s dream village. Discuss the differences between them. Also look at the pictures your friends have drawn.

Answer: Do It Yourself


Question 1: Was Sinduri like the village of Jatrya’s dreams?

Answer: Sinduri was entirely different from the village of Jatrya’s dreams.

Question 2: What difference did he find between Sinduri and his dream village?

Answer: Jatrya’s village Khedi was full of greenery and wild creatures. Houses had roofs made of straw. Roads were made of clay. There was a river nearby. It was a cozy environment.

Sinduri was on rocky land. There was no tree. Road was made of coal tar. It became so hot that walking on the road became difficult. Houses were very small. Tin roofs made the houses as hot as oven.

Question 3: Have you ever been to anyone’s house as an unwanted guest? How did you feel?

Answer: Once, I went to a new neighbour’s house to attend a birthday party. None of the children sitting there were known to me. So, I felt like an unwanted guest. I felt awful.

Question 4: What all does your family do, when you have guest at home for a few days?

Answer: We take good care of our guests. My father buys sweets and fish for them. My mother cooks tasty dishes. We give them a comfy room to stay.