Foolish Weaver

There was a weaver, living in a village. One day, while working on his loom; he noticed that the loom needed some repair. As he needed some wood for that, so he went to the jungle to chop some wood. When he was about the chop some branches from a tree, he saw a genie appeared from nowhere.

Genie Appears

The genie said that the tree was his abode and requested him not to cut that tree. The genie also promised a boon if the weaver dropped his plans of cutting the tree. The weaver was not confident about himself and hence said that he would like to take advice from his wife about the boon.

weaver with two heads

After that, the weaver returned to his home and told his wife about the genie and the boon. The wife was even dumber. She said that he should ask for one extra head and two extra hands. She said that it would enable the weaver to work at a faster pace and their income would become double.

The weaver rushed back to the jungle and asked the genie to give him an extra head and two extra hands. The genie waved his hands and in no time, the weaver was adorned with two heads and four hands. The weaver was very happy and ran towards his village. When he entered the village, the villagers thought of him a some dangerous monster. They beat him to death in no time.

The moral of the story is, "Lack of judgement can ruin a golden opportunity."