Class 6 Science Quiz

Components of Food

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1: (d) Nutrients, 2: (d) All of these, 3: (a) Starch, 4: (c) Blue black, 5: (b) Protein, 6: (a) Vitamin A, 7: (d) Vitamin D, 8: (c) Vitamins, 9: (b) Proteins, 10: (d) Vitamin D

Food contains various components which provide us the essential nutrition. The basic components of food are called nutrients. Carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals are the nutrients which all of us need in our food. Carbohydrate is energy giving food and is consumed in the largest amount. Fat is also energy giving food but it is consumed in a small amount. Protein is body building food and is required for growth and repair. Vitamins help our body to fight diseases. Minerals are required for various biological activities. A diet which contains all the nutrients in right balance is called a balanced diet. You should eat a balanced diet to remain healthy.