Class 6 Science Quiz

Electric Circuit

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1: (d) All of these, 2: (a) Thin wire, 3: (d) All of these, 4: (b) Current, 5: (c) Rubber, 6: (a) Conductor, 7: (b) Insulator, 8: (a) Insulator, 9: (d) Conductor, 10: (b) Does not glow

Electricity is all pervasive and we cannot imagine the comforts of modern life without electricity. All the electrical appliances get energy from electric current. Electric current flows through wires. A path through which electric current flows is called electric circuit. It is important to remember that current flows only through a closed circuit and never through an open circuit. A simple circuit contains a battery, a bulb, a switch and some wires. Circuit diagram is simple representation of an electric circuit. A circuit diagram is very helpful for mechanics and engineers.