Class 5 English

Robinson Crusoe

Exercise Questions

Let’s Write

Question 1: The words in the sentences are jumbled. Write them in order.

(a) Alone was not Robinson an island on

Answer: Robinson was not alone on an island

(b) Was island the inhabited

Answer: The island was inhabited.

(c) Footprint to someone this belonged

Answer: This footprint belonged to someone.

(d) I around me looked

Answer: I looked around me.

(e) I went the towards footprint large

Answer: I went towards the large footprint.

(f) Was afraid I now

Answer: I was afraid now.

Question 2: Fill in the blanks with the correct word.

And, but, because, so

  1. I was frightened ………..curious.
  2. I decided to go to the beach ……………I went along the water’s edge.
  3. I ran as fast as I could …………….I was frightened.
  4. I was very tired ………..confused.

Answer: (a) but, (b) so, (c) because, (d) and

Question 3: Write a story on strange footprints.

Answer: It was a cold foggy morning. When I came out of my house, I saw a giant footprint. It looked strange. It appeared like the footprint of a man. But it was too big to be a man’s footprint. My first reaction is of fear. Then I decided to follow the footprints. After going for some distance I could see many in a series. After following the footprints, I reached a place where I could find a small tent at a corner of the playground. Too much noise was coming from inside the tent.

After listening at the voices for some time, I could recognize some of my friend’s voices. Now, fear had given way to curiosity. I entered the tent. What I saw surprised and relieved me. My friend, Kaushal was wearing a giant foot made of plastic and was walking with strange gait. They were rehearsing for a drama for a festival.

Question 4: Use the joining words given below and join the sentences in column A and B

Or, and, so, but, because

Column AColumn B
I can sing wellI forgot to post it.
She wore a raincoatIt was raining.
We may got to ShimlaHe was late to school.
He wanted a book for his birthdayWe may go to Darjeeling.
He missed the school busHe wanted a football for his birthday.
I wrote the letterI can’t dance at all.


  1. I can sing well but I can’t dance at all.
  2. She wore a raincoat because it was raining.
  3. We may go to Shimla or we may go to Darjeeling.
  4. He wanted a book for his birthday and he wanted a football for his birthday.
  5. He missed the school bus so he was late to school.
  6. I wrote a letter but I forgot to post it.